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Wug2 Grinder



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**Burr is not included, remember to add your choice of burrs together with your grinder to enjoy 25% off for at most 4 burrs and carriers bundled with your grinder***

**Grinder is made to order and take around 50days to manufacture, once order is placed we will start building your grinder and purchase all those burr you have ordered, please contact us at in case you have any questions.**

83A is the world first grinder that compatible to both conical burr and flat burrs. Users can swap the burr installed in the grinder easily within 5-10mins. Now instead of looking for an all-purpose burr set, home barista can now use their favorable burr set for different brewing methods, from espresso to pour over. Or depend on the nature and roasting level of beans, you can swap between conical and flat burr to maximize the extraction and flavors of your coffee beans.

83A is also a speed controllable grinder which you can control the grinding speed when you are grinding with conical or flat burr. This feature gives you further control to adjust the flowrate during brewing and the level of extraction.

83A is now compatible with the following burr sets:
1) Mazzer 83mm conical burr (187c)
2) Mazzer 71mm conical burr (186c)
3) Mazzer 83mm flat burr (151 series for Major and ZM)
4) SSP 83mm flat burr models for Major or ZM
5) SSP 80mm flat blind burr Multi-purpose/Ultra
6) SSP 80mm flat blind Lab Sweet burr
7) 80mm blind core burr for espresso
8) SSP 71mm inner conical burr with Mazzer 186c outer burr

Please note that SSP 80mm MP burr may not suit the purpose to make light roast espresso with traditional 9bar pressure with our 83A. You may choose conical burr or other 80mm/83mm flat burr if you insist to make a light roast espresso with reasonable flow rate at 9bar.


Detail instruction of burr swap procedures can be found in below video

Alignment is one of the grinder properties that everyone concerns of and we are also serious to this matter too! Every 83A will be tested the shaft alignment to ensure every grinder is within 30 microns. The alignment testing video of each 83A will be sent to respective customer separately before their grinders are shipped.


Adjustable grinding speed: 80-700rpm
Recommended grinding speed for conical burr: 80-200rpm
Recommended grinding speed for flat burr: 400-700rpm

Motor rated power: 500w
Dimension: 26.5cm (L) x 12cm (W)x 39.5cm (H)
Weight: 18kg (Grinder)

We provide 1 year warranty for all electronic parts and the motor of grinder

The design may be subjected to minor change to enhance the user experience and ease of burr swapping and therefore it may have look slightly different from the version shown in picture.

The unedited burr swapping and grinding video can be found in our Youtube channel (Please note the design shown in video is our previous version).

This unedited video is to show you the “real” features of 83A (e.g. low retention, quick burr swap, preserve grind setting and back to back dial in etc.), instead of highlighting all these features or hidden all those unfavorable features of 83A in an edited fancy video. What we have shown in this unedited video will be achievable with your 83A ordered!

Shipping cost is not included and you can see the shipping fee when you checkout. For other countries or region not in the list, please contact us to get a estimated quote of shipping.

Payment is not refundable and please feel free to reach me at if you have any questions, before you place your order. Thank you!



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