83A- The burr Interchangable Grinder for Home Barista

Conical or Flat burrs? Grinder for Pourover or for Espresso?

Why not both?! With 83A you can choose different type of burrs or different size of burrs that suit any brewing methods. Easily swap the burr from concial to flat burr, or from a 80mm flat burr to a 83mm flat burr in just 5 mins.

Swap the burr now!

What burrs are supported?

You can use any burr listed below with the 83A. Remember to bundle some burrs with your 83A order to enjoy 25% off of burr sets.

*Enjoy 25% off up to 4 burr and carrier bundle with your 83A order.

Already Have a Hand Grinder?

No worries! We have a solution for you! A powerful motor add-on to turn your hand grinder into electric in 10 minutes.

*Compatible to HG-1 and HG-2, hand grinder not included. We have no affiliation with weberworkshop

Free your hands now!
  • About Wug2 Grinder

    Wug2Grinder is a Hong Kong based company found in 2018. Initialy offering motor mod for hand grinder and starting building grinder to fulfill the need of home user. Design 83A from the home user point of view and planning to contribute more to the coffee industry.

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