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Wug2 Grinder

Wug2-M1 Motor Set

Wug2-M1 Motor Set

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*HG-1/ HG-2 is not included.
* *The M1 works with BOTH HG-1 and HG-2*

**Motoe Set is made to order and take around 40 days to manufacture, once order is placed we will start building your grinder and purchase all those burr you have ordered, please contact us at in case you have any questions.**

The Wug2-M1 comes with a powerful motor which grinding speed can go up to 140rpm, it comes with a exhausting fan to maintain low temperature of the motor and controller. The Wug2-M1 is suitable for both home use and commercial setting.

The motor mod set comes with a cover to prevent popcorning.

 Installation of motor set is easy and can be done in 5 mins following the instruction in below video.


Dimension after modification: 39cm x 11.4cm x 33cm
Weight: 14kg
Motor rated power: 300w

All unit will be assembled and tested in Hong Kong, to ensure motor work under extreme conditions.

We provide 1 year warranty for all electronic parts of the motor mod unit.
The design is subjected to minor change to enhance the user experience and ease the installation procedure, and therefore it may have look slightly different from the version shown in picture. We have tried the best to ensure the quality of those material we used, but sometimes, after power coating and the assembling testing in house, there may be a few scratches which is not obvious in the root plate or on the side panels of case. Those little scratches will be covered by black marker pen and those scratches become almost unnoticeable. Please make sure you understand the possibility of having few little scratches covered by black marker pen, which will not affect the outlook and usage of the mod.


Shipping cost is not included and you can see the shipping fee when you checkout. For other countries or region not in the list, please contact us to get a estimated quote of shipping.

For the update of the design, please go to the follow thread and read through the whole thread.






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